Vertical Jump Training

Vertical Jump Training
How to Jump Higher

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to Jump Higher in Basketball and Dunk - Tips to Increase 6-10 Inches to Your Vertical Leap

If you have played the game of basketball, you definitely once have thought about dunking. However, it is not so easy for regular people to dunk on a 10 foot rim. It requires many different techniques, muscle groups, and determination to be able to dunk a basketball. Much so easy when you do it in your 6 foot rim in your backyard, you need more when talking about real dunks.

As you may already know, dunking requires lots of exercises, especially if you are 5'7 or shorter. However, not all exercises are created equal. During all my years in high school, I failed to dunk the basketball even though I work hard for it. I've realize there are certain exercises for certain things, and to be able to dunk, you need to have the right training techniques.

Losing the fat

This one is quite obvious because you need to reduce the weight for you to fly higher and longer. You can get this done easily with the right diet. Reduce fattening foods, carbs, and concentrate more on good protein from poultry, meat, eggs, and fish.

Increase your legs muscles

The power of the jumper comes from the legs. You need to have more powerful legs to be able to dunk the ball on a 10 foot rim. Some great exercises for leg muscles are squats, leg raises, and leg curls. Also try to work out and increase the strength of calves and back muscles.

Try to Jump

If you are trying to jump higher, the best way is trying to jump all the time. When I was in high school, I spent most of my time running and doing other cardio while not emphasize on jumping and trying to just dunk the ball. Micheal Jordan also said this in one of this interview about jumping higher. If possible, add some weights to your jumping workout routines to help increase more tensions in the jumping muscles.

Quickness and Explosiveness

The key to jump higher to dunk the basketball is to do it quick and with more power. There are literally over 20 high jumper exercises to help strengthen this group of muscles in your body. The reason most people who have played basketball for a long time but still can't dunk is because they trained the wrong muscle areas. Stop doing all these slow, cardio exercise and start going for a faster, and more explosive route to bring out the best of your jumping ability.

If you have always dreaming about dunking, it is possible no matter if you are short. Spud Web and Nate Robinson are short, yet they are spectacular dunkers. You must check out best exercises to jump higher and see yourself dunking the basketball in as little as 3 weeks. You also receive personal training from the dunking coach which can change your basketball game significantly.

Article by Don Ritchie